In Treatment 2 -- week 4

In Treatment -- Gina, Week 4

We see Paul giving his deposition for the lawsuit.  

Paul is with Tammy in a coffee shop. He is upset by the deposition but doesn't want to tell her about it. Tammy also had a bad day because of her husband's bad mood. Paul is impatient to be waited on and with Tammy's talk. He is irritated by her wanting him to listen. Tammy observes they have moved rapidly from being infatuated to being irritated. Paul says he will change his time with Gina but Tammy says she already has.

Paul arrives late to see Gina because he says Rosie kept him because she wanted the keys to the car. Gona asks if they talk and he says no and they didn't when he was at home either, not for quite a while. He recals a time when it was just him and Rosie and how nice it was. He tells Gina he took April to the hospital. He says he knew it was wrong but the schedule had been made and all he to do was get her there. Gina asks if it reminded him of the day he spent with Rosie when she broke her arm.

Paul says he hates his life, that it is broken. He knows he is getting what he needs from patients because he isn't getting it from his family.  Paul says she can't give it to him but she asks him to tell her what he needs. He wants water and doesn't see it is there in front of him. He says he is lonely. He misses dinner and the after dinner. He says he  goes to a bar and Gina asks if he meets anyone there. He says he sees women there. He says they remind him of Mia. He tells Gina that she is the kind of woman who if she worked through her issues would be a woman for him, though he says not her but someone like her and he reassures Gina he won't fall in lo with a patient again.

In Treatment -- Walter, week 4

The phone is ringing as Paul comes into his apartment. He finds out that his father has fallen and is in the hospital. As he puts the phone down, he sees in the paper that Walter has lost his job.

Walter is dressed in a sweater and looks depressed. He tells Paul he should be glad he no longer has his phone or Blackberry. He finally has the time to talk but believes that Paul can no longer help. Paul suggests maybe he can. Walter says he has lost his job, his good name and when he leaves the house, a pack of reporters mobs him. He says he followed the Johnson & Johnson model for handling the crisis, that he did everything right. And so the class action lawyers and his enemies within the company came after him. He says now he feels like an old man too long in the ring.

Paul asks if he is eating and sleeping all right. He is eating some and sleeps with medication. He is taking clonapine -- he takes maybe 3 a day and Paul asks if that is the prescribed dosage. He says he wants to wake up and find the past two months have been a nightmare. Paul gently asks about suicidal ideation. Walter denies he would do that because of what it would do to his wife, who bursts into tears every time she looks at him.

In Treatment -- Oliver, week 4

Oliver and his mother are at the door. Bess tells Paul that they were kicked out of their apartment and then they laugh and tell him she is going on vacation. Luke has not arrived, but Bess says he will be there to pick up Oliver.

Bess talks with Paul alone first. She tells Paul that after the last session, she and Luke took Oliver out to dinner and explained about the adoption. She says that since then everything is fine. Bess is going on vacation with her friend, which she can do because Oliver is doing so well. Paul says he doesn't think that Oliver has changed as much as she believes, that it would be unusual for his problems to clear up so quickly. Paul tells her that Oliver changed his behavior so that Bess and Luke won't see him as their problem. Bess interprets this to mean that she cannot go away without Oliver. Paul says he isn't saying that.

Why now?, Paul asks. And Bess attributes it to Luke having a girlfriend. She believes she has to create a new life, that she has never lived by herself. Paul asks how she and Luke got together.

In Treatment -- April, week 4

April arrives early. She tells him she has to leave her cell phone on in case her brother calls.

She couldn't tell her mother about the cancer. She did visit Sloan-Kettering. She told her mother she is a little sick but not what was wrong. Her brother tried to kill himself. All of this tumbles out in the early part of the session. Her mother can't cope with Daniel when he wants to die. April says he can't handle feeling strange. And so April takes over with him then.

Paul tells her he worries that she is feeling strange and has no one, that her mother shares her anxieties with April but April doesn't tell her mother anything.. So she starts telling him how she feels -- depressed, out of control. Paul firmly tells her when she feels like that to call him, any time.

She tells him she saw her mother and they talked about Daniel. She always tries to look her best for her mother because of Daniel. Her mother talked about wanting to leave her father. Paul asks if maybe it is Daniel she wants to leave.

In treatment -- Mia, week 4

Mia comes in and heads to the kitchen because she wants breakfast. Paul tells her no because he doesn't have sessions in there. Paul says he doesn't understand why she can't eat in the other room as she sits down at the table and then asks for a napkin.

She continues talking about her weekend. Paul tells her she is speaking rapidly but she does not slow down. He gives in and half sits on a stool against the wall. She tells him about having spent the night with a musician. Paul asks if it is her intention to shock him, as she continues to describe the sexual acrobatics with the musician. She compares that guy twice to Bennett. She tells Paul that that evening she was his favorite and ten reveals that the next night she was with a cop. She describes him as taking charge and she liked that. She wants Paul to ask for details. Another comparison to Bennett. She disdainfully describes how she had to tell him what to do. Paul suggests they move into the other room and she seductively asks if he wants her on the couch.

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