In Treatment -- Gina, Week 4

We see Paul giving his deposition for the lawsuit.  

Paul is with Tammy in a coffee shop. He is upset by the deposition but doesn't want to tell her about it. Tammy also had a bad day because of her husband's bad mood. Paul is impatient to be waited on and with Tammy's talk. He is irritated by her wanting him to listen. Tammy observes they have moved rapidly from being infatuated to being irritated. Paul says he will change his time with Gina but Tammy says she already has.

Paul arrives late to see Gina because he says Rosie kept him because she wanted the keys to the car. Gona asks if they talk and he says no and they didn't when he was at home either, not for quite a while. He recals a time when it was just him and Rosie and how nice it was. He tells Gina he took April to the hospital. He says he knew it was wrong but the schedule had been made and all he to do was get her there. Gina asks if it reminded him of the day he spent with Rosie when she broke her arm.

Paul says he hates his life, that it is broken. He knows he is getting what he needs from patients because he isn't getting it from his family.  Paul says she can't give it to him but she asks him to tell her what he needs. He wants water and doesn't see it is there in front of him. He says he is lonely. He misses dinner and the after dinner. He says he  goes to a bar and Gina asks if he meets anyone there. He says he sees women there. He says they remind him of Mia. He tells Gina that she is the kind of woman who if she worked through her issues would be a woman for him, though he says not her but someone like her and he reassures Gina he won't fall in lo with a patient again.

Paul says he needs a woman. For sex, Gina asks. Yes. And fun and contact with another human. Gina asks about Tammy and tells him she doesn' know what happened with Tammy. Paul says Gina knew it would happen , that he would have sex with Tammy.

Gina asks if he has been to see his father and he says he hasn't but Patrick has kept him informed. Paul tries to deny he cares about the fact that his father is dying. Gina says Paul is like a baby who has awakened and needs someone but believes that no one will come or help him even though his father is right there. Gina tells him that he is not being a grown son to his father and that keeps him locked in as a child with his father. She tells him he need sot be there.

We see Paul on Monday in his father's room. His father is in the bed, unconscious. There is a Do Not Resuscitate sign above the bed. Paul sits by the bed and says hello ad apologizes for not being there earlier. His father does not respond. He is crying. His father has been lying still all day. He picks up the paper to read him the sports page. Paul says he forgot what it would mean to him if h came, then admits he knew but was too angry. He says he is sorry, that he knows it wasn't his dad's fault that his mother did, that they couldn't save her.He weeps. And takes his father's hand.

This was a jumpy session -- from the deposition to Tammy to Gina to Paul's father and seems to have been written this way to allow us to see where things are with Paul. We don't learn much about Paul nor is there really much of  a session with Gina. Making the session a departure from the basic format of the show. It seems to have been intended to create the means to show us Paul with his father and feeling the impending loss. 

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