Age of anxiety

The election and its outcome seems to have thrust many into an age of anxiety. In my work I hear again and again fears about what lies ahead — fears about insurance and safety, a re-emergence of fears about nuclear war. Anger. Feelings of helplessness. It’s important to give voice to the fears and even more important not to become frozen in them.

An acquaintance of mine, Jules Netherland, has begun posting on Facebook concrete actions any of us can take to deal with the feelings of fear and helplessness. In the days ahead I will share some of them with you. And I hope perhaps in the comments you might offer your own ideas for actions people can take.

To get us started —

"Concrete action of the day. Reach out to an old friend or mentor. You know, the one who really helped you out during a hard time but maybe you since lost touch with. Let them know what they meant to you and how they made a difference in your life. And think about how you can pay it forward to someone else.”  ~ Jules Netherland

Regardless of where you stand on the election, we all face uncertainty and we are all in this together.

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