Aging: Task 1 of Jung’s 7 Tasks of Aging

Task 1: To face the certainty of death, the reality of aging and dying.

It isn’t easy to fully accept what it means to be aging, to accept it beyond the intellectual level. Sure, we all know none of us is immortal but it isn’t until later life that the full impact of our finiteness and the unavoidability of death hits. To do so psychically and emotionally is another matter when we are surrounded day and day out with images and messages that we should be young looking and youthful no matter our age. Wrinkles are bad. No one talks about sagging skin. Or a decline in mobility. White hair. Illness. These things happen no matter how hard we try to deny and avoid the inevitability of aging and ending.

So sit with this for a while. Where are you with facing this, at taking on this first task? What are you doing? What do you feel when you allow in the reality that you are aging? That you will die?

Please post in the comments about your experience. I will be posting about my own and also some suggestions next week

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