Catching up

After the holiday, I have a long post I plan to do on the latest revelations about the scandals rocking academic psychiatry and on what might lie ahead in the DSM V. But for now, how about some useful resources?

First, there is a Jungian podcast, which you can find on iTunes. It is produced by John Betts, a Jungian analyst in Victoria, B.C.. I have listened to several of them, and while he is more a classical Jungian than I, the content is solid and not a bad way to become familiar with Jungian psychology.

The New York Association for Analytical Psychology hosts the Jung Lexicon on their website. This is a terrific resource for solid explanations of Jungian terms.

The C.G. Jung Page is full f valuable material, including articles not available elsewhere. There is a very nominal subscription fee for full access and it is well worth it.

Meta has a Gallery of Archetypes. I wouldn't take these as definitive but they are interesting.

And finally for today, there is this collection of links to articles on a variety of things Jungian, centering on dream interpretation and active imagination.

Added Dec. 1:

Full text of Jung's Memories, Dreams, Reflections

The film, A Matter of Heart

Wishing you all a bountiful Thanksgiving!

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