Dream Journal

I am working on a post about therapeutic frame and boundaries for tomorrow but in the meantime, for those of you with iPhones or iPads, I found a nifty little app this weekend. I was running out of pages in the journal I write my dreams in and looking around for a new journal. I so like my iPad that I decided to look to see if there is a journal app for it. And I discovered Dream Journal, a very nice little app for writing dreams. Entries are searchable by date or symbols (think keywords), making it easy to find all the dreams you've had about cats, for example. And it is cheaper than the paper journals I have been using too. Plus, if I take my iPad upstairs at night and keep it by the bed, it is easy to open and enter a dream during the night without having to turn on a light and waking my still dreaming husband. NAYY, just a happy customer.

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