In Treatment 2-- Week 5

In Treatment 2-- Gina, week 5

Kate meets Paul at the train. She expresses her sorrow about his father. Paul says he appreciates that she came to the funeral and let the kids come that weekend. Paul tells Kate he wants them to try again, that he wants to come home, he loves her and he wants another chance. Kate says she is seeing someone and she might be in love with him, that she can't do it again. 

Gina asks Paul how he is as he enters her office. He thanks her for the orchid she sent. He said he was sorry she wasn't there. She says she didn't think it was her place to be there. He learned at the funeral from people who knew him that he liked to sing, which he had never known.

Paul says he thinks women are good at loss but men aren't, because for men it means they lost. Paul asks how he can help his patients when his own life is such a mess. Paul denigrates his ability based on his situation. Gina points out he can't observe himself as he does his patients. She asks about the funeral. Paul says he is glad the kids were there and he hopes his children will be better about death and loss than he is. He says he learned more about his father after he died than he knew. He has no idea really who his father was, all he knows is the story he has grown up with and he never knew he was an interesting man. Gina says Paul knew he was interesting man and that is why he was so angry he wasn't home. That it was his father who had the choice to be home and he wasn't. Gina remind shim that not everyone has it in him to be a good parent. And maybe his father chose to give himself to his parent instead of his family, that he chose to fight the battle he thought he could win. Paul tells her about sitting with his father in the last moments and talking to him as he died. He apologized to his father and then he says he started complaining about his life, as he always does, and when he looked up, his father was dead. Gina asks if he thought his father waited until he came to let go. Paul denied it.

In Treatment 2 -- Walter, week 5

Paul is at a hospital to visit Walter. He runs into Natalie who tells him Walter is not there for food poisoning as Walter's wife had said.

Walter is in bed, very still, very much as Paul's father was when he went to see him. Paul touches Walter's hand to wake him. Walter wonders why he is there. Paul said he was concerned that Walter missed his session. He suggests they talk. Walter says they are treating him well and he will be glad to get home. Paul tries to help Walter see that food poisoning is not the issue as Natalie and Connie ate the same food he ate. They found him only because Natalie's flight was cancelled and they returned home. Paul asks him what really happened. Walter says he caught a chill, went to bed and then woke up in the hospital. Natalie has been in New York for around a week, since Connie told her that Walter had been fired and summoned her home; his sons also flew home from California. Walter thinks Natalie only came because his wife made her feel guilty. She had wanted to talk about what happened when he visited her and she made him get out of bed and do things with her. 

In Treatment 2 -- Oliver, week 5

A patient we don't know is talking to Paul about having sex with a classmate in the law school library. There is a noise outside and when Paul investigates, he finds Oliver in the waiting room an hour and a half early. He claims to have gotten out of school early. Then he says he ran away from school. Paul says he can stay there but he will have to call Luke.

Oliver asks Paul if he is angry with him. Paul asks why he ran away from school. Oliver says he had a bad day. But why did he come to Paul's office? Oliver asks if Paul has ham and Paul offers to fix him a sandwich. Oliver tells him someone put dog shit in his locker. He says when he came to his locker at recess he found it, smeared all over everything in his locker. Paul tells him he's glad he came there to talk about it. Oliver tells Paul that his dad is mad at him too, that they fight all the time. Oliver thinks Luke broke up with Nina and he thinks it is his fault because Luke and Nina fought over Nina saying he needs more rules. Oliver hasn't told his mother about the fights with his dad.

In Treatment 2 - April, week 5

Paul is pacing. He straightens a picture over the couch. April comes in.

April says the stairs are hard for her. She asks if he knows what she likes best about him and she says his eyes, that she has liked them from the first visit. She winces when the port hurts for a moment and says she doesn't remember them putting it in. She asks if he saw it. Then she thanks him for taking her. April tells him she has been having many discussions in her head the last 2 weeks. She says even in her head, he doesn't say much. Except he says to her, in his head, that of course it is all worth it if she is making herself and others happy. 

April apologizes for being difficult. And she thanks him again for taking her to chemotherapy. She says she had a bad night last week and wanted to call him but didn't because she felt that he needed a break because he had cancelled. She tells him she talked to her best friend Leah. She had dreamed she had died. pal suggests that maybe it is only the part of her that resists help died. She woke up with a fever and when her friend arrived she called 911. Her friend had not known she had cancer. Her friend was surprised but came through for her. She and Leah have looked after each other for a number of years. Paul suggests to her that the people in her life -- Leah and Kyle -- have stood by her and that she only allows in people who are loyal and will stand by her. He wonders why she picks friends who will be there for her and then doesn't tell them what is happening to her until she has no choice. He asks if she believes there is a finite amount of help people will give her so she must carefully choose when she asks. 

In Treatment 2 - Mia, week 5

Paul's father has died.  Mia arrives. He closes the doors to the rest of the apartment and puts on his father's watch and places his father's med school diploma on a shelf. Mia pours some of her water into a plant in the waiting area. Paul comes to the door and Mia asks if he is all right. She expresses condolences.

Mia asks again how he is. She found out because she asked his lawyer's secretary and because Paul had never cancelled an appointment.

Paul says it is ironic because they had been talking about her father last week. Mia wants to know what he thought about her card. He tells her he has not yet opened his mail. Mia presses him again about how he is. Mia acknowledges that she has been difficult and says she wonders who he has. She says she can see loneliness in his face. 

Paul wonders if she is worried that he can give her his full attention today and tells her that she needn't worry about his feelings.He asks if she is upset that he had cancelled last week. She admits she was annoyed until she found out why. She says everything has changed now because she is pregnant. Paul gets distracted looking at the snow falling. Mia says their timing is strange -- 20 years ago he was having his first child when she was losing hers. And now she gets pregnant as his father has died. She tells him Bennett is not the father. Paul wonders about the connection between finding out Bennett and his girlfriend are having a baby and her own pregnancy. Mia denies this and says she thinks it is the musician. She thought Paul would be happy and they could celebrate. She wants him to tell her she will be a good mom and that he will be there to help her with decisions. Paul asks if it is he that she wants to help with these kinds of questions. She says her sisters are married and her mother isn't available, that her mother likes her sisters.

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