Jung At Heart Has A Birthday.

Jung At Heart is now 9 years old! I never thought when I first started posting in February of 2007 that nine years later I would still be doing this, albeit less often than in the early years. But here I am. I still have things I want to say and I am working on an exciting new project too. 

Alert readers will notice I have made some changes here. Three years ago, I deactivated my other blog, TheFatChronicles, because I wanted to integrate that kind of content into this blog as symbolic of embracing those issues as part of who and what I am. In this three years I have worked on and now finished the manuscript for what I hope will be my book. And as that book is centered on issues surrounding fat, it seems this is an important time to separate out that blog again. You can find it by clicking on the link in my link list which is in the sidebar of every page here.

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