The challenge of blogging

It seems like every couple of months I come here vowing to write more often and then that vow evaporates and here I am again. Any numbers of the blogs I read seem to follow the same pattern. Maybe because blogging lacks the immediacy of Twitter but this seems to be a common issue. This blog is 11 years old now. It isn’t that I haven’t things to write about — I think of things often. So I am gad actually for a 30 day challenge that has come along out of an art course I am taking — I should confess that I am no more faithful about painting than I am about posting but that is another issue for another day. In any case, I plan  to participate in the challenge. I likely won’t blog every one of the 30 days; nevertheless the challenge serves as a good push to reactivate the habit of posting.

Oh and please do comment.

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