Why I have not been posting


The tulips there are in a vase next to where I am sitting. When e first moved into this house 11 years ago, there were a few tulips at the bottom of a yard - red ones and yellow ones. I have no idea when they were planted. I assume years before we moved here. We’ve never done anything with them. Some years there would be more flowers than others. Then came this year. The wind seems to have been blowing seeds from those few tulips around where they were planted. It takes several years for tulips grown from seed to produce flowers and this seems to be the year for ours. Red ones, yellow ones, and a pretty yellow and red-orange one like those you see here. Four to six years from seed to flower.

Which brings me to why I have not been posting. Six years ago, Kevin Smith was removed from a Southwest Airlines plane because he was deemed too fat for one seat — he was too fat to fly. For some reason this incident moved me to start writing about fat, the way fat people are treated, and eventually to look at the war on obesity through a Jungian lens. I wrote and wrote and wrote. For 5 years. Through revision after revision. Along the way I learned a great deal about myself, opened my own complexes further. The writing became a significant part of my analysis. Then I came to the place where it was done, or done enough because it is entirely possible to keep revising a book forever. I took a deep breath and submitted a proposal to a publisher.  

I am excited to say that barring any unforeseen disasters, my book, The Fat Lady Sings, should be out sometime in late fall! More about the book as that date draws closer.

I have spent the last month changing my manuscript from Chicago Style to APA, making changes to conform to the publisher’s style, and going through it carefully making changes here and there. 

That’s why I have been gone.

And I am back to thinking about whether or not to maintain two separate blogs or have everything here. If you have thoughts about this, let me know.

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