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Panic & Psychoanalysis

I have come to expect that any study on the effectiveness of psychotherapy -- and there aren't many done these days when so much research is underwritten by drug companies but that is a rant for another day -- any study will involve some flavor of cognitive behavioral therapy. In fact, many young clinicians believe it is the only effective method. So I was quite pleased to find this today:

Psychoanalysis effective for panic disorder

"The findings from a clinical trial indicate that psychoanalytic therapy can be particularly effective for people suffering from panic disorder. Relaxation training is also helpful but it has a lower success rate."

I wish the study had compared results between psychodynamic therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, because I suspect that they might well be equally effective over the 12 week course of therapy used. Still, the study reports 73% of the therapy group improved.

"With increasing concerns about side effects from medications commonly for panic disorder, "it is good news that patients can choose from more than one time-limited psychotherapy for treatment of panic," she [the investigator] added."

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