A commonplace box

This morning when I got up, the clouds were already moving in --


and was in the forecast. Rain, not snow. In fact there is no snow predicted for at least the next week, so maybe we have seen the last of significant amounts of it. It started to rain around noon. Early spring rain seems different somehow, maybe because it eats the remaining snow revealing the ground which has been covered since early December.


It is grey and a little gloomy but look -- there is the faintest bit of color now.

I am making progress with my version of Secret of Chrysopolis and I continue to like what I ma doing with it. Two strands of this yarn knit together gives it more substance. I think this might be my favorite of the Colourmart yarns. I am eager for there to be more in more colors.


So right now I have 3 active projects -- the navy silk Arabian Nights, The Secret of Chrysopolis, and today I cast on for Dem Fischer Sin Fru -- for this I am using a beautiful blue wool and silk from Colourmart. Not enough done yet to photograph.

In Treatment ended a week ago, and most of the readers drawn to Jung At Heart because of it are drifting away. It was fun having so many readers -- StatCounter can be positively addictive when the numbers move a bunch every hour! I am content with being a very small corner of the blog world -- a good thing, I suppose, as I am not likely to become one of the cool kids any time soon. But that experience did make it easier for me to get into a rhythm of posting frequently, so now my challenge is to keep it up.

One more thing I want to share with you today. I have a wonderful friend here, a woman who is older than I and a very gifted artist. I was at her house a week or so ago and was admiring the assemblages that she has been making of late. And I asked her about something she had mentioned before, about keeping snippets of poetry and other things she likes on slips of paper in a box. She showed us two of her boxes and I was immediately enchanted with the idea -- I  told her I was going to steal it! For many years I have written such things on the fly leaf of my journals, but of course, when I want to find them, I have to try to remember when I wrote them in order to locate the journal. So to have a box for them seems just right -- instead of a commonplace book, a commonplace box.

I found one on Etsy and ordered it --


I will be on the lookout for others at flea markets and the like this summer. 

The first slip in my commonplace box --


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