A funny thing happened...

A funny thing happened on my way to writing my last post --  I finished a paper I started over 2 years ago! So for the last several days I have been deep into Medea and feminism. It's really a good thing I am not an academician because my output of scholarly papers would never be sufficient to gain tenure. Now I have to send the paper to a couple of people for input and then figure out where it might be published and then submit it. But at least it's finished.

We have turned the corner into fall. This weekend has been rainy and we are due to get hit by the western edge of Hurricane Kyle later today. The leaves have just started to turn. Yesterday I saw this one leaf atop the Japanese knotweed in  our yard and it cried out summer's end to me :


This morning when I got up we had the proverbial calm before the storm 


It certainly does not look like there is an impending storm. 

I will have photos tomorrow or maybe even later today of the start of the center motof of Eve. I will offer two different boundary patterns for this section. One will be a simple use of crossed stitches with a bead between them and the other a slightly more complicated Japanese stitch. Unfortunately KnitVisualizer does not have the symbol of this stitch so knitters who choose this option will have to be willing to follow written instructions for it.

Oh and I got some fabulously beautiful beads to use with yet another yarn from Colourmart. Photos of both tomorrow when the light is better.

Now I need to proofread "How Do We Solve a Problem Like Medea" one more time before sending it off to a Jungian or two for feedback.

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