A funny thing happened on my way to post

There I was Wednesday morning all set to make a post when my cursor froze. Now that has happened before so I tried to do a forced quit -- I am speaking Mac-ese here -- but that didn't help. So I used the power button to turn it off, figuring that rebooting would solve everything. And in a curious way it did, just not the way I expected. Because when I tried to start up again it stuck at the very beginning and just played the start up chime again and again. Now in days gone by -- I have been using Macs for 24 years now -- when something went seriously awry like this the sound you got was called the Chimes of Death. My Macbook is under Applecare -- and, boys and girls, if you have a laptop, this kind of extended warranty is worth every penny. So after a lovely conversation with the tech at Apple, who worked with me in the vain hope that it was something simple and fixable by us, the decision was that my Macbook had to fly back home to the mothership in California. And that was fine because I could use my husband's Macbook. Except for one little thing -- I needed some data off my hard drive. So off he went in the sleet this morning to take my sick computer to the Mac guy in Camden so he could get the data off said sick puppy. Then he sent it off to California. And here I am using my sainted husband's computer just as if it were mine. :-)

You may seem some missing image indicators because until I get everything back on my machine, it can't find them right now. But fear not, they will return. :-)

We had a STORM last night -- snow sleet rain freezing rain ice. Lots of places in the state are without power still. We got some ice but it warmed up quickly and melted -- thank heavens. The high tide this morning was about 2 feet above normal -- and keep in mind our normal tide is about 12 feet.


That is just across the Bay from us.

Spike has kept a watchful eye over all --


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