A good deal

I started wearing glasses when I was 9. I distinctly remember the day I got my first pair and the wonder of discovering I could see individual leaves on trees. I am very nearsighted. I don't do anything without my glasses. And glasses are expensive, which has meant I would wear a pair until the lenses were pretty scratched -- because in recent years my prescription hasn't changed much from year to year. Then a year or so ago someone told me about buying glasses online. And directed me to an article in Slate about this. I bookmarked it and forgot it...

until this year when the scratches on my glasses just got to be too much. I dug out that bookmark and the article convinced me it was worth trying -- because I was quoted a price of over $500 for new glasses at my optometrist!

I ordered from two places and paid less for 2 pair than I would have for one -- in fact less than half of what I would have paid for the pricy ones. The first pair, from 39dollarglasses.com, arrived today. They fit great. The lens quality is terrific -- of course compared to my old pair, they couldn't help but be better. I have no financial interest in this company, just a satisfied customer. 

              Photo 18

Who knew you could get great glasses online?

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