A little bit of this...

Odds and ends today --

Poppy's Flower scarf pattern will is now available for download -- see link under Patterns on the right. Here she is --


I like that it is a bit of a variation on Dayflowers but more architectural.

Last night we had friends over for a small dinner party. I made coq au vin because it seemed just the right thing for a cold winter night. And it turned out well. But you know, I think I will not be buying chicken in the supermarket any longer -- because I remember chicken having a much deeper flavor than I have been finding in what I buy at Hannaford's. Buying locally raised organic chicken will cost more, but flavor is too important to give up. We have been moving more and more toward being locavores and this will be the next step.

We are in another deep cold snap. This morning when I cut up, it was around -18F -- that's air temperature, not wind chill. Pretty soon the lilac outside my window filled up with the several variety of finches who frequent our feeders. They seemed to be eating the hoarfrost which had formed overnight -- we had great billows of sea smoke. And they were all puffed up against the fierce cold, like this goldfinch --


Good day for knitting and catching up on tv shows on the dvr.

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