A little it of this...

One of my favorite blogs to read is Endicott Redux, with its wonderful posts and links on art, myth, fairytales and other delights. And yesterday's contained this poem for knitters, along with a lovely painting --

Eve's Design


Then there's the Yemeni legend
of Eve in the Garden knitting
a pattern on the serpent's back,
the snake unfinished like the rest
of creation, the first woman
thinking to add design, a sheath
of interlocking diamonds and stripes
along that sensuous S,
knitting giving her time to learn
what's infinitely possible
with a few stitches, twisting cables,
hers a plan to mirror the divine
inner layer that can't be shed
no matter what it rubs up against.

I played a little with some red zephyr that I have to see what I could do towards developing motifs for Medea. I want to make something that looks like Corinthian columns, given that she was in Corinth when the play unfolds. 

corinthian column

Now there is no way I can or will make something with all these elements, but I did come up with this, using beads to make the fluted parts stand out a bit --


That red is not true and in any case I will use a deeper red for the stole when  get a design together, but that maybe gives an idea.

 This is all a bit haphazard for me at this point. A thought about a possible motif comes to mind, I look to see if I can find a stitch suggestive of that or one I can modify and then I try it and then to the next one. I suspect it will be weeks before I can begin to actually attempt to make anything. Or maybe I won't get there. This is where being a process knitter may pay off for me.

© Cheryl Fuller, 2007. All  rights reserved.