A pause in the lace

Sometimes even a lace fanatic has to knit something other than gossamer confections of lace and beads. Really. So I started a hat yesterday, a slouchy beret which, yes has a bit of lace to it. You can find the pattern for the Meret on Ravelry. I am making mine out of 2 strands of sock yarn knit on size 7 needles.


The yarn is from Ball and Skein -- I love the greens!

I got a late birthday/early Christmas present last week -- a new camera. I am a huge fan of the Panasonic Lumix line. They have great Leica lenses and are a delight to use. I upgraded from an FZ 20 to an FZ 28, which has a 27mm 18X zoom lens. You'll notice in the photos from my window that you see a wider area now, the happy result of a wide angle lens. It is also great with closeup shots like the one above.

Here is how things look this morning in Belfast on the last day of November --


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