A problem mostly solved

I have been struggling with how to make the tree I want for the center motif of Eve's Temptation. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted anywhere in stitch dictionaries which meant I had to make it up myself from bits and pieces I could find. Here is a picture of what I wish I could make -- which I found here

                      lace tree

but it is done in bobbin lace and I have doubts about ease of translation into knitting. So I started with the use of a cable for the trunk and went from there. I had to knit it and then chart row by row as I did so because I need to see how it looks in the yarn first. Yesterday I worked on it in some yarn left over from Arabian Nights, as it is about he same weight as Dream in Color. Here is what I came up with --


I have more tinkering to do with it, especially at the top, but that is pretty much what I wanted. I worried about the amount of reverse stockinette background, but what I found was that anything else was just too busy. The two halves of the stole will meet in the middle in the tree branches, which will be a little tricky to graft but fun, I hope. And each tree will have a single large red bead on it -- THE apple. I think it works. How about you?

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