A seed planted

Denise planted an interesting seed yesterday in the comments --

"I would love to read insights based upon Jung's ideas that are related to women at midlife...I would especially enjoy it if you designed a lace pattern at the end of each chapter!"

Well now -- wouldn't that be interesting! I have no idea how I would do it or even where I want to start, but the thought certainly intrigues me and I will keep it in mind. Be sure to read her whole comment to yesterday's post. And if you have thoughts on this, let me know.  Hmmm, Jung, midlife and knitting.

On Ravelry, someone asked me how I put beads on the YOs that form the edge of Arabian Nights. So I figured I would use the macro setting on my camera and finagle a way to show it. But look what showed up in the last picture -- 


Moe is everywhere even when he is in another room!

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