About the mystery KALs

As I said yesterday, I have been thinking about these mystery lace knit-alongs and what it is about them that grips me so. Here I am having done 3 of them and embarked now on another with 3 more due to start over the next few weeks so clearly there is something about them that grabs me as other things have not. 

I've not done any of the other kinds of KALs; the social aspect of knitting something that many others are knitting doesn't do much for an introvert like myself. Even with the mystery ones, I put myself on special notice very soon after they start and I do not  participate in the email chat that accompanies them as they go along.

I would not likely knit a sweater I couldn't see before beginning it because style is such an important factor there. Though the shape of these shawls and stoles is a known factor, for me all of the interest lies in the interplay of the lace patterns and the yarn. I really enjoy starting and having no idea what the finished object will look like other than, of course, knowing the basic shape. The mystery of it all is so paramount for me that I don't look at pictures other people post of their progress.

This is persistent thread in my life -- an engagement in process without knowing where things will end up. It is certainly a major piece of my work. When I start out with a new patient in therapy, I have no idea where the journey will take us or how long it will be. Its expression in knitting is certainly more mundane than in my work but significant to me nonetheless.

Are you part of any of these mystery KALs? What draws you?

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