Aeolian, Take 2

I am enjoying knitting the Aeolian shawl from Knitty. In fact I decided to work on two of them and started the second, which will be a shawlette for a friend, in the pink that I was using for American Beauty. I frogged the American Beauty because it was just not grabbing me enough. But I really like this yarn, a lovely cashmere/silk,  in the new pattern. This is a look at it when I had just started. I'll take a current progress shot tomorrow. I am using 2.50mm needles and 11/0 beads -- a mix of pinks and gold. I decided to make it a bit larger than the pattern calls for and so I have done 8 repeats of the agave motif. I'll get progress pictures tomorrow.


The first of the red amaryllis flowers has wilted. I think they are as interesting in this stage as they are in their glory -- 



Today has been a day for me to do a lot of prep work for the class I will be teaching at Senior College -- Conversations in the Third Act, a look at the psychology of aging. So not much time for knitting or anything else. Watching me completely exhausted Moe -


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