After Kyle

My husband lived for the first 51 years of his life in suburban Detroit so moving to Maine has been and remains a big adventure for him. So you can imagine he was psyched when the word was we would get hit by hurricane Kyle. Now before you get all upset about someone excited by a hurricane, you need to remember this is Maine and we have unnamed storms in late fall and winter that are very nearly the equal of hurricanes and by the time a hurricane reaches here it is nothing like Katrina. So we laid in our ride out the hurricane supplies and got ready. But... yesterday afternoon, Kyle turned further east and made landfall in Nova Scotia. Nowhere near us. We didn't even get much wind at all, though for the weekend we got somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 or 6 inches of rain. It's been 17 years since the last hurricane so he likely has a long wait for the next one.

 This morning the clouds are clearing out --


And across the harbor, you can see the leaves are turning now 


As promised I started the center motif on Eve last night. I am doing the teeny circles and I like them but I am not certain they will stand out enough. They're a bit of a challenge to make, more fiddly than difficult, but a lot of fun. Here's a look at the start of them --


Can you see them, the little donut-like circles?

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