After the storm

Unlike lots of places in southern Maine, NH, and Massachusetts, our ice is gone from the trees and bushes here. The temperature went up to 54F here yesterday afternoon and that took care of the ice! Today dawned cold and crystal clear

                    Dec. 13

and tonight there is a glorious full moon, but there was an event down at the Boathouse just as the moon rose over the bay and all the lights made it impossible for me to get a really good photo.

I am working away on my sweaters --



I know I will not finish them for this year but that's okay. I will soon be giving attention again to Snowy Peacock and finishing up Eves Temptations. And an idea is forming for the next one, using silver gray silk with pearl beads and maybe some Swarovski beads. The way the ice looked yesterday and the way snow sparkles in moonlight made me think of it. But they are a long ways away.

If you like beautiful jewelry -- and who doesn't? -- be sure to visit my friend Pauline's Etsy shop, Sirona Jewelry.

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