After the storm

Well, we ended up with around 10" of snow and then we got rain for a while, so what was light fluffy snow became a lot heavier. 

I was walking through the dining room when I saw these amazing colors just as the sun was setting. The blues and pinks and soft purples took my breath away.


So while I was at the window, I thought I might show you the progress of my amaryllises(is that right for the plural?). Something happened to two of my bulbs from last year and they died. The third one has a bulblet coming along. So I ordered 3 new bulbs and potted them a week ago. Here they come --


Those of you who came here via Ravelry for Poppy's Flower, thank you! I have been amazed to see how many people seem to have found it, as I only mentioned it here. I am looking forward to seeing finished ones by other knitters.

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