Amazing morning

You know, I just love this From-My-Window series of morning photos I have been taking every day this year. It has really made me aware of the subtle changes day by day and month by month. I never tire of looking at the water and marveling that I am blessed to live in such a beautiful place, but this project brings it all into much sharper focus. And this morning what greeted me was spectacular!


My husband is the chair of our county Democrats and has spent most of yesterday and today at the Common Ground Fair, a big old fashioned fair that we have up here every year. And look at what he brought home for me from their tent --


my absolute favorite button!

We've moved a bunch of furniture around in the dining room to make better space for the houseplants we will be bringing in later today. No frost right here on the coast yet, but it has been dipping into the 30's. Moe has no idea why we are exerting ourselves this way --


Off to make more progress on Eve -- I hope to get to the beginning of the center motif this week.

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