American Beauty

I don't know where the week went but go it did. I didn't do a lot of knitting because my hands were hurting and I decided that wisdom dictated giving them a rest. So I contented myself with planning and imagining future projects.

I am intrigued by Bad Cat Designs latest offering -- the American Beauty shawl. First, I like the way she is doing it and I think I will do something similar for my Eve's Temptation patterns -- not a KAL really but a chance to knit along with me as the pattern develops. It's a possibility anyway.

So I settled on a lovely pink cashmere/silk yarn from Colourmart. I am using it doubled because the yarn it 1/30 and would be too fine for the beads selected in single strand. Right now, knitting it from the cone, it feels like cotton almost, with none of the silky softness I know will appear when the spinning oils are washed out when it is finished.

Here's how it is looking so far --


The sinuous lines of the border intrigue me -- I want to play with this pattern later for a stole.


I love the color and it's nice right now to be knitting someone else's design.

My Spring Interweave Knits arrived yesterday. And I have to say I am underwhelmed. I am not drawn to things knit in worsted weight nor the kind of chunky shapes of some of the designs. I am drawn more and more to things knit in finer gauge yarns, where good fit is critical and the design is challenging. Maybe I have simply outgrown IK? Even though Vogue Knitting doesn't have many designs written in my size, I always find ideas there and often designs I can modify for myself. 

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