An Orange Hydrangea?

To my great delight, my daughter loves the pale olive Aeolian. And that inspired me to look for a pattern to knit for my future daughter-in-law -- he and my son just got engaged a week ago. Normally I don't like the color orange. I never wear it. But something about this color from Colourmart --a 55/45 cashmere and silk  called Jam -- attracted me. It speaks of India to me. So I thought I might see how it looks in Susan Pandorf's Hydrangea. Now this is a fine lace weight, so I am knitting on a size 3, which is probably bigger than the ideal because it is a little airier than I like. And I am using a mix of gold beads and sun charms in place of the dagger beads on the garlands. I like it. A lot.



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