And now the purples

Yesterday my husband came home from our local greengrocers with these 


Aren't they beautiful? Who knew there was purple cauliflower?

Now I have a long-held passion for purple, though as I look over at my collection of Colourmart yarns, I am wondering how I ended up with so many aquas and pale blues but that's another issue. But I think I may need to find some rich purple yarn for something.

And maybe that something is a warm cardigan? My beloved brown knock around cardigan is just not fit to be worn any longer -- after 10 years of faithful service it is time to retire it. I love Oblique from Fall 2007 Knitty and it does have some lace, but if I get the yarn and start it, will I finish it? That's my big question. And there is Twist and Shout in the current issue of Knitty but maybe it is the purple I am responding to? More deliberating to come.

When I got up this morning, it was fogy but the sun was there too making a soft misty look --

                     Sept 17

 Still green but not for that much longer.

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