Arabian Nights

Well, by Tuesday night I had the beads and yarn and pattern in hand and I was all set to go. Then I read the beginning of the directions :"String 1588 beads on yarn" -- and they are for the fringe and edge! So Tuesday night I strung beads. And strung them. You know, 1588 is a *lot* of beads.

I wanted to get to the knitting so I got up early yesterday and cast on and plunged it. Only to discover just as I had to stop for the day that I had cast on 2 too many stitches. :::Big Sigh:::

I met with one of my groups yesterday morning, worked with a couple of patients and finally last night I was able to get back to the knitting. Big decision -- fudge corrections or rip it out and start again? Now I confess that were I doing this just for me, I would fudge it, but I felt that it deserves my very best effort. So, I ripped it all out and decided I would start again in the morning.

Which I did this morning. In between work and other chores, I managed to complete the first 20 rows, which doesn't sound like a lot but the beads make the going a little slower. I was right that the beads are spectacular against the yarn. The pattern is very nicely done and I am really enjoying knitting it. It's gloomy out so the light is not terrific and it is tough to really capture the colors, but here is a first look for you -- I will have a good deal more to show tomorrow.


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