Arabian Nights, 2.0

I thought you might like to see how the silk Arabian Nights is coming along so here you go --


And a detail of the edge --


I think it is a more open lace in the silk and the added weight of the beads only enhances the drape of the silk. I think I like this a lot.  On the sides, instead of stringing the beads, I have decided to add them as I go along. It is a slightly different look but again, I am happy with it. I can't say often enough what  a pleasure this pattern is to knit.

And just to prove that I do knit things other than lace, I bought some of the silk/bamboo from Elann and I plan to make a nice summer sweater with it. I think pink will be the color for me this summer.


The warm weather has brought the ladybugs out from their winter hiding place so Spike is again being a fearless hunter --


And finally, though it is sunny now, it was pretty cloudy when I took my daily photo this morning, but look how little snow remains!

Apr 10

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