After Kyle

My husband lived for the first 51 years of his life in suburban Detroit so moving to Maine has been and remains a big adventure for him. So you can imagine he was psyched when the word was we would get hit by hurricane Kyle. Now before you get all upset about someone excited by a hurricane, you need to remember this is Maine and we have unnamed storms in late fall and winter that are very nearly the equal of hurricanes and by the time a hurricane reaches here it is nothing like Katrina. So we laid in our ride out the hurricane supplies and got ready. But... yesterday afternoon, Kyle turned further east and made landfall in Nova Scotia. Nowhere near us. We didn't even get much wind at all, though for the weekend we got somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 or 6 inches of rain. It's been 17 years since the last hurricane so he likely has a long wait for the next one.

 This morning the clouds are clearing out --


And across the harbor, you can see the leaves are turning now 

A funny thing happened...

A funny thing happened on my way to writing my last post --  I finished a paper I started over 2 years ago! So for the last several days I have been deep into Medea and feminism. It's really a good thing I am not an academician because my output of scholarly papers would never be sufficient to gain tenure. Now I have to send the paper to a couple of people for input and then figure out where it might be published and then submit it. But at least it's finished.

We have turned the corner into fall. This weekend has been rainy and we are due to get hit by the western edge of Hurricane Kyle later today. The leaves have just started to turn. Yesterday I saw this one leaf atop the Japanese knotweed in  our yard and it cried out summer's end to me :


This morning when I got up we had the proverbial calm before the storm 


It certainly does not look like there is an impending storm. 

I will have photos tomorrow or maybe even later today of the start of the center motof of Eve. I will offer two different boundary patterns for this section. One will be a simple use of crossed stitches with a bead between them and the other a slightly more complicated Japanese stitch. Unfortunately KnitVisualizer does not have the symbol of this stitch so knitters who choose this option will have to be willing to follow written instructions for it.


Six years ago my wonderful husband and I got married. I was married before for 2 years and had been single for 5 years before we met. I wasn't certain I wanted to be married again and I was quite content to remain single. But he entered my life and marrying him was the easiest choice I ever made. It has been a wonderful 6 years. 

I completed the chart for the center motif of Eve yesterday. I am almost finished with the first skein of DiC yarn -- it looks like it will take the full 3 skeins, at least for the length I like stoles.

Amazing morning

You know, I just love this From-My-Window series of morning photos I have been taking every day this year. It has really made me aware of the subtle changes day by day and month by month. I never tire of looking at the water and marveling that I am blessed to live in such a beautiful place, but this project brings it all into much sharper focus. And this morning what greeted me was spectacular!


My husband is the chair of our county Democrats and has spent most of yesterday and today at the Common Ground Fair, a big old fashioned fair that we have up here every year. And look at what he brought home for me from their tent --


my absolute favorite button!

We've moved a bunch of furniture around in the dining room to make better space for the houseplants we will be bringing in later today. No frost right here on the coast yet, but it has been dipping into the 30's. Moe has no idea why we are exerting ourselves this way --


Channeling Emily Latella

Oh I am so embarrassed! You were here but I inadvertently deleted the little thingie the stat counter uses to identify me so you weren't counted.

Here -- have a piece of this yummy caramel apple cake that I made for my knitting group -                        


And look -- here is Eve as she is today -- about 24" long so far. This doesn't show her even finger blocked so you can't get the full sense of how she looks, but I love how she is turning out.



Oh no, please don't go...

Where did you all go? 'Cause I looked at StatCounter this morning and :::Gasp!::: the number of visitors here yesterday and today so far is 0! I could become despondent.

So I know I haven't had yummy knitting to show because it is all in progress and you know how that is -- the only change is in length. But I will take some shots today and post them later to show you how they are coming along.

And I have some additions to my stash -- more yummy stuff from Colourmart. And even some ideas for how I want to use it. I promise pictures.

And I know things got weird the other day when I did some rearranging but I think everything is back to normal again now -- and, look a ways down on the right and you'll see we now have archives so I have fewer posts showing at a time now which should make loading faster. See, I try to take good care of you, really I do.

Until I have a chance to take those pictures -- and it won;t be until late today because my knitting group is coming here today -- ooo, maybe I can get them to let me take some pix of them? -- how about a glimpse of how things looked here when I got up yesterday 

And now the purples

Yesterday my husband came home from our local greengrocers with these 


Aren't they beautiful? Who knew there was purple cauliflower?

Now I have a long-held passion for purple, though as I look over at my collection of Colourmart yarns, I am wondering how I ended up with so many aquas and pale blues but that's another issue. But I think I may need to find some rich purple yarn for something.

And maybe that something is a warm cardigan? My beloved brown knock around cardigan is just not fit to be worn any longer -- after 10 years of faithful service it is time to retire it. I love Oblique from Fall 2007 Knitty and it does have some lace, but if I get the yarn and start it, will I finish it? That's my big question. And there is Twist and Shout in the current issue of Knitty but maybe it is the purple I am responding to? More deliberating to come.

When I got up this morning, it was fogy but the sun was there too making a soft misty look --

                     Sept 17

 Still green but not for that much longer.

Waning Days

Mid- September and the waning days of the harvest from our garden. Yesterday we pulled the beets -- we got a decent yield which makes me very happy. I have converted my husband from a beet hater to a beet lover just by getting him to try fresh beets roasted.

I made pickles over the weekend -- a few of the 11 pints I made of a variation on bread and butter pickles using brown sugar and a bit of worcestershire sauce --


It's a race now between the squash and cantaloupes against the frost -- if frost is late, they'll make it. 

We've still lots of green tomatoes ripening. Basil will become pesto this weekend.

So in a few weeks we'll put the garden to bed. It's been a success.

No new knitting to show today. I will soon be at the point where I begin the border around the center motif. Which means I need to play with the charts for that again to make sure what I want can be done and that I'll like it.


You know how you just love your children so much you could almost eat them up? Especially when they are babies? Well, I am feeling almost like that about Eve's Temptation. I don't have anything excitingly new to show you as but I am so enjoying knitting it. I love the color. I love the beads. I love the way the edge curves so sinuously.


 I love the little snakey heads and the little trees. 


And I am so going to love the center. I have about 5 more repeats of the little trees before I start the center. Are you excited? I am!

For those interested in the specifics of the beads and the yarn:

Yarn is Dream in Color Baby -- color Spring Tickle

Beads: Whimbeads 8/0 seed bead mix -- English Garden Mix

Today it's kind of gray and cool --

                  Sept. 12

I caught one of the boats leaving this morning and a little while later the small cruise ship that comes here every week through the summer sailed out too. We'll be seeing fewer and fewer boats moored in the harbor in the weeks to come until we are back to the 2 or 3 that stay there all winter.

A problem mostly solved

I have been struggling with how to make the tree I want for the center motif of Eve's Temptation. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted anywhere in stitch dictionaries which meant I had to make it up myself from bits and pieces I could find. Here is a picture of what I wish I could make -- which I found here


but it is done in bobbin lace and I have doubts about ease of translation into knitting. So I started with the use of a cable for the trunk and went from there. I had to knit it and then chart row by row as I did so because I need to see how it looks in the yarn first. Yesterday I worked on it in some yarn left over from Arabian Nights, as it is about he same weight as Dream in Color. Here is what I came up with --


I have more tinkering to do with it, especially at the top, but that is pretty much what I wanted. I worried about the amount of reverse stockinette background, but what I found was that anything else was just too busy. The two halves of the stole will meet in the middle in the tree branches, which will be a little tricky to graft but fun, I hope. And each tree will have a single large red bead on it -- THE apple. I think it works. How about you?


The remnants of Hanna showed up yesterday -- look how brooding the sky was already in early morning

                       Sept 6

It rained hard all night but had stopped when I got up today. The clouds were still thick, but have pretty much moved out now.

                       Sept 7

It's warm and windy, but the color of the grass and leaves speaks of the oncoming changes of fall.

I have been working away on SlowBee II -- what a pretty pattern! And this conweb weight cashmere/cotton is lovely to work with and touch. I have just finished clue 4 --


And Eve's Temptation is coming along. I think I have a pretty good idea about how I will make the transition into the center motif and plan to work on charting that this week. 

I love the sinuousness of the edge --


And the play of the bottom and then the main pattern with it's suggestion of trees


Last night, I ran across some interesting possibilities for scarf patterns and maybe next week I can play with them a bit to see if they will work. So the knitting and thinking about knitting continues unabated.

Just in case...

Just in case I ever forget why I am a democrat, all I have to do is remember last night's speeches at the GOP convention. 'Nuf said.

Beads on Floss, pt.2

Many people have visited here to see the post Beads on Floss. And several have asked to see the floss itself . And because your wish is my command, here you go.

This is how a strand of the floss looks right out of the box -- a short stiff section followed by a fuzzy section and then a longer slightly stiff section --


I knot a bead into the end and then thread beads onto the floss, which will hold around 50 or so 8/0 seed beads. The end closer to the fuzzy part is the end I use for placing the beads into the knitting. The fuzzy section holds beads in place so that they don't slide off as I move them one at a time in place as I go along. Here is a strand that I have been using with Eve's Temptation --


Hope this helps.

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