Isn't this lovely?

A friend let me know the other day about this wonderful poem, which won the Keats-Shelly prize for best poem on a Romantic theme this year. I have read and re-read and seen the images in my mind ever since. How I wish I had the talent to draw this!

The Small Boy and the Mouse by D H Maitreyabandhu

When he closed his eyes and asked the question,

he saw an egg, a boiled egg, lodged

above his heart. The shell had been broken off,

with a teaspoon he supposed, it was pure curd white

and still warm. Inside – he could see inside –

there was a garden with rows of potatoes,

sweet peas in a tangle, and a few tomatoes, red

and green ones, along with that funny sulphur smell

coming from split sacks. There was an enamel bathtub

in the garden, with chipped edges, a brown puddle

staining around itself, and a few wet leaves.

He could see down the plughole, so the sun must have shone,

and he heard his father digging potatoes,

knocking off the soil, and his mother fetching the washing in

because the sky promised a shower. There was a hole

A look around the house

I have no new knitting to show you because I am being very very good about not starting yet another project. Hydrangea is almost finished -- I will complete it tomorrow or Sunday -- and then I can play again. 

The lapis lazuli yarn is on its way so I hope to be able to show it to you next week sometime. In the meantime here is the same yarn on Poppy. I would it by hand, all 3000+ yards. You can't see in this photo the subtle variations in the red so take my word for it that it is gorgeous!


The leaves are well past their peak, but the big maple in our back yard is always slow to turn. These days when the sun hits it in the morning, the whole dining room glows.


There is nothing like a cat and a box. Our guys wrestled for days over control of this one. Spike won it for a while a couple of nights ago --


By late yesterday they had completely destroyed it. So now we are obligated to find them another one. I suppose this means I must order more books!

Where's Cheryl?

Well, I seem to have gone walkabout for a while, don't I? I didn't really go anywhere -- I have just been thinking more than writing.

I have become interested in an emerging field, Fat Studies, and obesity as a moral panic. Which has meant a lot of reading. I have a mountain of material to wade through and maybe eventually I will post some thoughts but I'm not ready yet.

I don't have new knitting to show you. I will have some spectacular yarn to show you soon, gossamer yarn from the Gossamer Web that I am having custom dyed in lapis lazuli. I plan to make a mandala shawl with it and place scattered tiny gold beads in the design, as lapis contains flecks of gold. This urge comes from a dream I had about something made of lapis and malachite.

Moe suggests I could get more done if I paid attention to really important things -- like him!

I'll be back tomorrow or Friday with photos.

In His Lair

Roscoe loves to carry toys around in his mouth. Especially soft toys. So I wasn't surprised the other night when I saw him out of the corner of my eye with something in his mouth. But I looked again and it seemed really big. He disappeared behind the chair he has always taken as his refuge. And there I saw it -- he had dragged a sweater of mine downstairs from my bedroom and taken it behind the chair, I assume to sleep on, Here I just caught him peeking out at me. The gray thing there is my sweater and behind it you can see one of my Birkenstocks he has also dragged back there.

Marching Toward Winter

We're heading into 2 days of rain here -- good time to stay in, knit, watch movies and listen to books on my iPod. The foliage reached peak here this past week and now we move into the season of grays and browns of winter. This morning when I was waiting for my tea, I looked out and saw a sailboat leaving the harbor and it really seemed like summer finally sailing away.

One day this last week, my husband and I went out for a drive to look at the colors. Here is a sampling of what we saw, all taken around Palermo and western Waldo county --






Soup's On!

It was kind of blustery today -- seemed like a perfect day for soup and fresh bread.

Pioneer Woman's recipe for rosemary-onion bread with blue cheese topping had me drooling when I first saw it a few days ago. We just brought our lovely rosemary plant in from its summer outdoors so we have fresh rosemary readily available. And we got some delicious artisanal blue cheese at Sage Market last week. Perfect for this bread.

And I had  some pancetta to use in my tomato soup recipe.



and yummy bread!


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