You know what happens when a blogger gets sick? Days go by without a post. And that is just what happened to me. Last week I was felled by the flu, a mild case because I am old enough to have some immunity to H1N1, but the flu nonetheless. So all I have done for the last 10 days is sleep and watch television and try to sleep. But even the flu must run its course and yesterday I began to feel human again.

I haven't done any knitting this week, but just before the evil virus dragged me off, I made a good start on the Queen Anne's Lace shawl :


I am much happier with this pattern than I was with the mandala. And it is a mandala of sorts isn't it?

And the secret project is growing also --

With the long weekend ahead, I should be able to make progress on both of them.


I confess -- I have been a lazy blogger for a while. And I would promise to mend my ways, but therein lies the road to hell. Okay, I can say I will try to be more diligent.

So I started a little mystery project for a friend for whom powder blue has special significance. I just happen to have a cone of 2/33 cashmere/cotton in powder blue, so I started playing with it. I am planning to knit the India stole. Here is a little peak at the beginning --


I am using crystal beads.

And look who was just at my feeders -- we have a lot of these gorgeous big crows but they rarely perch by the feeders like this -

I decided I didn't like the way the mandala shawl was going so I frogged it. Tomorrow I'll show you what I am doing instead.

Now to do some work.

The Lapis Mandala

I am making progress on the mandala shawl. I hate the beginning for circular shawls -- it is fiddly and I no longer like using double pointed needles and I can see some laddering which I will have to adjust before blocking.  I decided on metallic iris green beads to get a touch of gold and green together. I think they work.

Here is the yarn, Love Potion Number 3 from The Gossamer Web, custom dyed for me -

And a look at the knitting --



At last -- an FO!

The downside of being a process knitter is that one so seldom gets to celebrate a finished object. Well, today I have one -- the hydrangea scarf is done and in fact is now soaking in some water and Dawn, soon to be blocked. So here are the just-after-grafting shots --

Each end has different little gold charms in place of the beads called for in the pattern :


And a kind of rumpled look at the whole thing.


Once it is blocked and ready to send, I'll take a few glamour shots of this wonderful pattern.

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