Happy New Year!

The snow stopped when it was supposed to -- after dumping a fresh 9 inches on us -- so the city was able to get the streets and sidewalks plowed in time for the New Year's Eve By the Bay revels. We went to see the Katahdin Valley Boys 


and their wonderful bluegrass music.

Ameranouche, a gypsy jazz trio in the spirit of Django Reinhardt, came after them


Then over to Main Street for the parade of the Drum & Rabble Corps down to the landing and the bonfire



Then the bonfire


The drums and the fire went on until 1 am. It is a great way to welcome in the New Year. 

This morning, the sun gave me a great beginning for my From My Window series launch --


The Flickr Badge in the sidebar is now set for this series.

And now, Clue 1 of the Spring Surprise Shawl is up and I must start a knitting! Another snowstorm is due later today and we have a nice rib roast for dinner. 

Enjoy your day as we welcome 2008!

© Cheryl Fuller, 2007. All  rights reserved.