Isn't it a rule...

that you start a new project as soon as you finish an old one, even if you have a gazillion others on the needles? I'm sure I read that somewhere.

Anyway, I started itching to start something new. So I made a swatch out of the terra-cotta Colourmart cashmere/silk. 

I made no effort to hard block it and didn't even pin it. I washed it in hot water then finger-blocked it and let it dry. It measures 5" wide, which is about 6 stitches/inch. The length, and my swatch is one pattern repeat sorter than given in the pattern, is 4.5" over 20 rows. So it looks like gauge would be fine. The stole would end up about 21" wide, which is what I like. Now I have to decide if it is too open. This yarn is so light and soft. I would add beads, which would increase the weight and give more drape. What do you think?

It snowed all day Monday into yesterday. We had flurries into the afternoon. We ended up with about 14".

It was very cold when I got up today -- 6F. When I looked out, I saw the arctic sea smoke, which always seems magical to me. Here is what I saw at sunrise this morning--


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