No more NaNoPoBlo

I am not even sure what the correct acronym is, but clearly I am not a post a day kind of person, though I must say I have enjoyed picking up the pace of my posting, so this experiment is not for naught. 

It snowed yesterday. Thursday it was warm and in the 50's and yesterday it snowed. Up north there was even some accumulation. Today it is clear and brisk and obviously winter is soon upon us.

Kim, at The Woolen Rabbit, mentioned in her post last night that she is not seeing so many in progress pictures these days and that she missed them. I hadn't been posting many of my various lace projects because lace is not much to look at before it is blocked. But I take her point because i also enjoy seeing things in progress. In that spirit, here are a couple of mine --

First, Leda's Dream, from Pink Lemon Twist, is now about 60% complete. I am using 2 strands of Colourmart 2/28 cashmere in the color cyclamen. which is fiendishly difficult to accurately capture.


It's a pretty easy knit and I expect to finish it by the end of the month.

And I am on row 149 of the Mystic Waters Shawl. It is too big to finger block the whole thing without taking it off the needle. I love this pattern -- just enough challenge to keep me on my toes. I am using a single strand of Colourmart 3/45 cashmere/silk and 3.00 mm needle.


These two and the Thermal are getting most of my attention these days.

But look at what arrived yesterday -- MORE of the 3/45 cashmere/silk, this time in terra-cotta!

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