Some days titles just don't spring to mind

It's another cold day and it has been snowing a bit. The Jack o' lantern that we left out for the squirrels to munch on got a nice white hat this afternoon


Tomorrow it's time to get started on preparations for Thanksgiving dinner. This year it will be just my husband and my son and me as my daughter and her husband are going to my kids' dad's for dinner -- that's the way of divorced families. For many years i have not much enjoyed Thanksgiving. It always seemed like a lot of work for a meal and I couldn't find other benefit to it. But somewhere along the line this last year, my attitude seems to have changed and I am really looking forward to it. Neal picked up our organic turkey from the Co-op this morning and we got all of the other ingredients for all the things we usually make. It will be much more food than three people reasonably need but then again, we can send my son home with food and still have enough left over that we won't be cooking again until the weekend. It helps a lot that Neal shares the cooking chores with me so that we both can enjoy the preparation as well as the meal itself. And he is that most desirable of all kitchen partners -- he likes to do the prep work!

I joined 3 more lace alongs that will starts in the new year --

1. Secret of the Stole ii

2. The Secret of Bad Nauheim

3. The Fisherman's Wife

I am too lazy to look up the urls but you can find them by searching at Yahoo Groups. It's madness to do this, I know, but there are many worse kinds have.

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