I have finished Clue 5 of Mystic Waters, meaning I am now just 2 clues behind. The rows have become pretty long but the pattern is fun to knit so it goes easily. 

I want also to make some more headway on Secret of the Stole -- all the clues have been issued, but I have 3 left to knit. I am bartering this one with a friend who is an artist -- she will give me one of her masks in exchange. So, I need to get going on it.

I decided I will use the terra-cotta cashmere/silk for the Secret of Chrysopolis. I ordered beads yesterday so when they arrive I will start that one.

Now here is where the madness enters -- there are 5 mystery KALs starting after the holidays and I plan on downloading the clues and knitting them as I can. I have yarn for Spring Surprise(the Yahoo Group name is spelled "Surprice), and for at least 3 of the others.  But right after Christmas I need to gather the information and assign yarn to project and figure out how to organize myself. 

On some level, I seem to be operating as if a lace pattern and yarn famine is imminent. 

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