At Last ...

All of the knitting is done at last and the two halves are complete.


It isn't blocked yet and I haven't decided whether to graft the two parts together, to use the beaded 3-needle bind-off that Susan has in the final pattern, or a plain 3 needle bind-off. By my calculations, I knit something on the order of 132,000+ stitches to make this. And so many beads. It looks wonderful. I am considering doing a lazy blocking, using steam, today and then next week, when I feel more human again, wet blocking it as I should.  We'll see.

My cold is retreating but is still quite in evidence. I had planned to get my hair cut today but the thought of going made me want to lie down, so I cancelled and the group tomorrow will have to deal with my hair as it is -- a bit too long and kind of wild. 

Other than my cold, my head is filled with thoughts about Medea and which pieces I want to include tomorrow. I have been living with this material for 8 years now and have presented it in seminar form twice before. New will be some thoughts about Medea and what she tells us about midlife, and also looking at the consequences of subsuming one's life to one's husband and his ambitions through considering political wives. I am a little timid about the latter but why not sally forth and  try it?

I will take pictures of the assembled Arabian Nights but likely will not post them before late tomorrow or Sunday -- Medea calls first.

And now -- what will I knit?

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