Back into the deep freeze

The snow stopped sometime last night after dumping about 12 inches of powdery snow on us. All the towns are getting pinched on their snow removal budgets with so many storms so far this year with February and March, our snowiest months, still ahead. I notice our usually meticulous road crew is plowing a little less often and now quite as much of our dead end street. And I completely understand.

Yesterday, at the height of the storm, we had this group out on the hill playing


Today, it is sunny, bright and cold with air temp of 23F and wind chill of 13F. The January thaw is over!

I have downloaded and printed out Clue 3 of the Spring Surprise to keep me busy until Arabian Nights arrives. Can you tell I am just a little eager to begin that project?

American Idol begins tonight and will be sucking out our brains and critical thinking skills for the next many weeks!

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