Back to normal

You know, being faithful to just one project, as I was the whole time I was test knitting Arabian Nights, was not easy for me. And as soon as I finished, I started itching to start new things. You've seen Arabian, 2.0. But that wasn't enough. Nooooo.

I got these pretty silver lined olive green beads that I knew would be just right on the terracotta cashmere/silk I have. 


So I unknit the small amount I had done in it. And I looked at the pattern for Secret of Chrysopolis again. And I looked at al the pictures of finished ones I could find on Ravelry. I came away from Arabian Nights knowing two things for sure -- I really like wider stoles because 20-24 inches just doesn't quite do it for me; and I like a lot of beads in the design.

So first question was how to make the stole wider. And I remembered the portcullis element in Arabian Nights. So I added that, which added 22 stitches. And the second question was solved by doing a beaded cast-on and then running beads along the long edge of the stole, as Arabian Nights does.

I cast on yesterday and I am happy with this. You can't really see much about the added design element here -- I will show you that in a few days when I have knit more.


I got a new fountain pen last week. I love fountain pens and have one really good one I received for Christmas around 20 years ago. The Mont Blanc Noblesse pen, a nice weight slender one made from steel that of course they no longer make, has been my every day pen but the nib has a crack and I have t find someplace where it can be repaired or replaced -- no luck so far. So I got a slightly lesser pen for everyday, one made by Conklin and I think it will work out fine --


I used to do all of my writing in longhand -- and my handwriting was rather nice. But these days it's only for my journal and sadly my handwriting has deteriorated. But I remain attached to actually writing in my journal with a real pen. Something about it is different for me than writing on my laptop. For a two year stretch a few years ago I kept my journal on my computer but I was never really happy that way. I like that my handwriting varies with my mood -- sometimes big and bold, sometimes cramped and tiny. I love the colors of ink I can use -- right now I am using black cherry, a purpley brown that is really nice.

More marmalade pictures later.

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