Back to normal

Here on the coast we don't do heat very well. So several days in the mid-80's with high humidity make us wilt and lie about complaining. But today dawned with a nice breeze, temps back down in the low 70's and low humidity so there is life again here.

When it's hot, I don't knit much. I should probaby be ashamed to note that one thing I did do a lot was play Snood. You really don't want me to give you a link to it or you too will spend way too much time with this mindless game.

Once it started to cool off, I started back up on my Medea stole. Word from my test knitters is that all is going well. I am eager for them to get to the center motif which is where I had some trouble making certain the charts were right. Once they can tell me that, we will have crossed the biggest hurdle and I can contemplate publishing it.

I will be teaching a beaded lace class at Heavenly Socks, my LYS, starting next week. Here's a look at the current state of the scarf I am doing for it -- well, giving them a pattern for learning with --


I haven't taught anything like this before, but I decided that if I can teach Jungian psychology, I can do this. Or I could be overconfident!

The hot weather was a delight for the garden --

my Jaune Flamme tomatoes are setting clusters of fruit with wild abandon


And my scarlet runner beans have started to blossom


Tomorrow we finish the switch of my office and the living room. And there is Arts in the Park to go to. Next week, the Celtic Festival starts on Friday -- meaning I will be treated to hours and hours of Celtic music just below my house. 

The light last evening as the front which bright us this nice cool weather came in was exquisite. I could sit and look at the harbor for hours. I think I'll do just that for a bit.


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