Beads on Floss, pt.2

Many people have visited here to see the post Beads on Floss. And several have asked to see the floss itself . And because your wish is my command, here you go.

This is how a strand of the floss looks right out of the box -- a short stiff section followed by a fuzzy section and then a longer slightly stiff section --


I knot a bead into the end and then thread beads onto the floss, which will hold around 50 or so 8/0 seed beads. The end closer to the fuzzy part is the end I use for placing the beads into the knitting. The fuzzy section holds beads in place so that they don't slide off as I move them one at a time in place as I go along. Here is a strand that I have been using with Eve's Temptation --


Hope this helps.

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