Being a locavore

We have been making the effort to eat locally sourced foods as much as possible. Last fall we purchased a whole lamb and 1/4 pig to supply much of our protein for the winter. We already had fish from our participation in the CSF we belong to in the summer. So, by late November our freezer was chock full.

The lamb was sublime. We have one leg roast and some chops left as we have used it slowly, savoring every bite. Not only is the meat delectable, it is a better value than the pork, giving us more meat for the money. So this fall we hope to buy 2 lambs.

The pork has turned out to be a disappointment. There was actually very little meat. Lots of sausage which is good but we expected more meat. We had one large ham, which we brined and prepared very carefully following all pointers we could find on dealing with this kind of ham. The net result -- not good. The meat has an odd texture and the flavor is not good either. We expected that pork raised this way would not be as moist as commercially farmed pork but this was more than an issue of moisture. The boost in flavor that should have been there in organic pasture raised pork was just not there. This was especially disappointing given the contrast to the superb lamb. Whether it was the breed of pig or other issues, it was simply disappointing and not a good buy at all.

So we won't be buying pork this fall.

The fish CSF should start up again in June. Maine shrimp are still available cheaply so we will be buying and freezing more of them also. We have excellent locally raised poultry available.

And maybe in a year or so we can find a better source for pork.

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