Black Cherry

This is one of those quiet weeks that is punctuated by excitement. This week I have been interviewed twice about my posts over on Jung At Heart on HBO's In Treatment. This is the second season for the show but it must have leaped in popularity as I have had a big increase in traffic. So Monday I talked with a reporter from the New York Post and yesterday with a writer from the Canadian magazine Maclean's . I think they count as my few seconds of fame.

And now the week is back to a more ordinary quiet. 

Yesterday this nice 10/28 baby merino from Colourmart arrived. I will be using it to knit the Lace Cropped Cardigan   -- yes, it calls for aran weight yarn and mine is fingering weight but I much prefer to work in finer weight yarns and I can easily adapt the pattern.


The color is scotch pine and it is a very blue green.

Tomorrow I will be taking my slideshow of my year long photo project, A Year From My Window, over to the Hutchinson Center for the Senior College Art Show. 

Why the black cherry of the title? I have a new favorite ink -- 


On paper it is a reddish brown but it looks so pretty in the reservoir of my pen, which is a style called Demonstrator because the barrel is filled with ink using an eyedropper.

Now the screens are in the window and it is a beautiful evening -- this is what I see when I turn my head to the right a bit --


I'm going out for a teeny walk before it gets dark ---

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