Blissful silence

This weekend we had the third annual Maine Celtic Festival in the park right in front of our house. What fun, you say. Ahh, but wait. This means we hear all of the Celtic music that gets played during the festival -- fiddles, bag pipes, mournful songs and all -- and this year that meant 19 hours of it filling our house. Music is wonderful but too much of it can make even a normally sweet tempered person become surly.

Here's what we saw out our front door -- some of the vendors --


And when the fun was over, the gulls came in and fought over the trash -- which I must say was picked up by dark --


The first of the lilies I planted this spring is blossoming and what a nice sight after so many things have been done in by all the rain --


And my lime plant is setting a bumper crop of limes. Now to get the scale that has been afflicting it since winter under control --


And I've made progress on Mehndi


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