Community Supported Agriculture

Access to locally grown agricultural products has become common enough that nearly everyone can gain access to this marvelous food source. Where I live we have a wide array of farms offering all kinds of produce and meat. In fact we have bought a half share for eggs, 1/4 of a pig for pork in the fall and we buy bread every week in a similar arrangement. Yes, we could bake the bread ourselves, but this way we help support a local baker who makes terrific bread that we can pick up every Tuesday.

One thing we have here that most people do not have is access to a community supported fishery program. We bought a half share last summer, then in the winter when they offered Maine shrimp, we did that too and now we are again in fishing season and we are getting our fish every Sunday. The Midcoast Fishermen's Cooperative, operating out of Port Clyde offers wild caught fish from the Gulf of Maine for the duration of the groundfishing season. This year it will run for 14 weeks and started last week. The fish is unbelievably good and fresh and a half share gives us a meal to eat each week, plus one to put in the freezer and we make fish stock also. Last week we got 4 beautiful flounder --


They were delicious!

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