A Year From My Window

A year ago I began a project to take a photograph each day from my dining room window. I had no idea why this came to me but the urge to do it was powerful. I am not a terribly organized or disciplined person. I tend to get attracted by ideas and then lose them when the next sparkly one comes along. But I wanted to do this project. On January 1, right after I got up, I took the first photo. And day after day, just aiming at one day at a time, I did it. And this morning at 8:14 I took photo #366 and completed the year.

There is much to be learned from looking through that one frame every day for a year.  Nature provides us with beautiful, but ignored color palettes that emerge as I see them from one day to the next. The subtle pink in an otherwise grey sky. The riot of greens in the spring. The blues of the snow. My eye learned to see more than I saw before. This was a project with no object in mind -- no thought of what I could do with it. And maybe that is a big part of why is has yielded so much. Surprises never come when we look for them.

Today I saw the soft color in the clouds on what on first glance appeared to be a gray day.

                   Dec. 31

it has been a year full of lessons learned. I hope yours has been the same and that we all find abundance in the coming year.

© Cheryl Fuller, 2007. All  rights reserved.