Did I mention it's COLD?

Yeah, well, what should I expect living in Maine? Still, the moderating effect of the ocean doesn't seem to be moderating much now. Last night when i went to bed, it was -5F -- I have no idea if it got colder than that but I suspect it might have as the hot water in our bathroom sink was frozen until mid-morning. So it was COLD. Ah, but warmth is returning -- already it is a whopping 14F! With the bright sun, it looks warm at least.

I continue with Spring Surprise --


No attempt there to block it at all -- when I do the circles will be round, really they will. The color is fairly accurate. I am using 2 strands of Colourmart 2/28 cashmere and a Knit Picks 3.25mm needle. I think I will be happy with the outcome.

I have to leave soon for my knitting group but later today or tomorrow I have some things to write about why these mystery KALs grip me so. Wait with bated breath now.

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